Gel nail salon A is a one on one nail salon located in Nara, Japan.

It is only 7 min walk from Kintetsu NARA station on Kintetsu line.

The services at Gel nail salon A include: nail care, gel nails and special care for ingrown toenail.

Soft gel removal for replacement is always FREE of charge.

Gel nail product which will be applied on your nails will be chosen based on your nails' condition and life style.

"PARA GEL" will be recommended for weak and thin nails. It is the one of the high quality Japanese gel nail product which can be applied without filing your natural nails and last three to four weeks.

In order to maintain nails' health, gel nails will be removed gently with special care.

English-speaking owner and nail artist ANRI will welcome you with a relaxing environment and provide high-quality service to meet your expectations.

Enjoy a special gel nail treatment at Gel nail salon A!

Anri Tomari

Nail Artist & Owner of Gel nail salon A

RAPI GEL Educator